Ways to Change Excessive Barking

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It is commonsense that dogs bark to communicate ideas to others.  Dogs bark to greet, alarm, and to establish territorial area.  But what happens if your dog barks excessively for attention-seeking purposes?  This can become a huge headache, literally, for the entire household.  So why not teach your loving pup other behaviors to notify you

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Hiking with Your Dog

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This time of year is when people are trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions of staying in shape.  And there is no better way to enjoy accomplishing your goals than partaking in hikes with your dog outdoors.  However, you need to keep your dog‘s safety in mind while experiencing such activities.  Here are a

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Training a Puppy to Walk on a Leash

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Teaching a puppy to walk on a leash is not that difficult.  It just takes patience and lots or persistence.  If you teach your puppy how to walk properly on a leash from a young age, then it will keep your dog safe while on walks and makes it an enjoyable experience for the both

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Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

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There are dog owners who still wonder why in the world they need to brush their dog’s teeth.  Pet owners do not realize this is an important care tip to implement for it is not solely designed to make your dog’s breath smell good.  It is essential to your dog’s overall health.  Gum disease is

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You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

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Your dog needs to respect, love and bond with you in a positive environment.  You should set aside a regular amount of time each day to play, teach, and interact with your dog and what better atmosphere to do so than in a dog obedience class.  For what if you have a dog that you

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What to Expect in Puppy Kindergarten

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Puppies are adorable, loving, and fun.  Nevertheless, puppies need guidance just as people do and puppy kindergarten is created to teach basics allowing you, and your puppy to live a happy and healthy life. Introducing Play Time During puppy kindergarten, one of the lessons is to socialize your puppy with others.  The pup gets a

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Winter Care Tips

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When it is cold outside, it may be challenging to get a dog to go outdoors for exercise.  The salt in chemical deicers may hurt a dog’s paws or the wind factor may be too much for smaller breeds.  You have to think of ways to keep the dog happy while in the cold and

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Why Puppy Preschool?

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Bringing Home Your New Puppy Bringing home a puppy is an exciting time in one’s life.  The puppy is full of energy, running around, and adorable.  It is impossible not to love those first moments.  But as soon as the puppy starts chewing up the shoes, furniture, and household items, then it is difficult to

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