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We care about our dogs and work hard to provide some of the best/largest amount of products and supplies possible for every size, shape and type of dog we have the supplies you need to train, maintain and feed your furry friend.  When it comes to food and proper nutrition for your dog, there are many selections available, however finding one that your dog enjoys and provides the nutritional value may be difficult, we try to make this easy for you by providing various options based on our many years of experience.

Your pet’s behavior, health and overall well-being depend partly on what you feed them.  All-natural pet foods typically have higher animal protein instead of inexpensive grain-based fillers. The higher the quality of the ingredients the better the nutritional value, the less food you’ll need to feed your dog. Feeding your dog or puppy a healthy diet can also help avoid expensive vet bills which continue to increase in cost each year.

While the importance of a healthy diet seems simple, it can be confusing to navigate through the vast number of pet foods, pet supplements, and treat products available today.
As it is the same with humans, Dog Nutrition plays a very important role in the overall health and longevity. Some of the benefits of feeding your dog a high quality diet can result in:

• Greater nutritional benefits in smaller food quantities
• Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Stronger immune system to prevent infection and illnesses
• Healthier skin and coat and an overall improvement in quality of life
• Fewer veterinary visits which means lower veterinary costs
• Reduced pet waste

Experienced pet owners know very well that you cannot simply switch foods and hope for the best or not have potential changes in your dog’s digestion or even temperament. Come in and check out our store located at our Training Center

We carry several lines of dog food and treats along with tons of toys
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Pets Behavior 97
Pets Diet 95
overall well-being 100