Teaching a puppy to walk on a leash is not that difficult.  It just takes patience and lots or persistence.  If you teach your puppy how to walk properly on a leash from a young age, then it will keep your dog safe while on walks and makes it an enjoyable experience for the both of you to share.

Familiarize Your Puppy to Wearing a Collar

A puppy has no clue regarding the correct way to respond to a collar.  Thus, introduce the idea of wearing a collar from the very beginning.  A good way to do this is while the puppy is eating, slide a collar on.  The puppy will be distracted making this an ideal time.  Once the puppy does realize what you have done, it will probably try to rub it off by sliding itself against the floor or scratch it off.  It is important not to take it off.  It needs to get used to the idea of a collar on so it becomes second nature.

Introduce the Leash

Once your puppy is comfortable and happy wearing a collar, then it is time to clip on a leash.  It is not necessary to use a heavy-duty leash on your puppy at this time.  Choose a lightweight, thin leash.  And once the leash is clipped on allow the puppy to walk around with it.  As a result, the puppy will be accommodating when it is time to put on the leash later.

These are only the first steps to teaching a puppy to walk on a leash.  To find out how to implement the rest just check out a puppy preschool or a puppy kindergarten near you.