Anxious Pups? CBD Products are a must!

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4th of July fireworks & thunder storms have begun to rumble. Maybe, you have a dog that’s overly anxious or exhibits separation anxiety. Mark with K9 Korral explains his success with using CBD products as a remedy.   CBD Products are derived from the Male hemp plant. The female plant contains the “THC.” The

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How to Easily Find the Right Dog Food in Sarasota

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Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids-does your dog food contain all of the necessities?  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. WOW! We thought we had enough to worry about with our own food, much less for our pets. And the kicker is, these ingredients are all considered essential. And if they aren’t there, in the

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Get Pet Supplies Sarasota Cheap

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Shopping for dog supplies in Sarasota may not be as easy as it sounds. Dogs are a lot like people. They have different needs and different lifestyles. That means you need to find a pet supplies store in the area that carries a variety of goods. The pet supplies Sarasota that you find also need

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Food for Dogs with Allergy in Sarasota

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A dog is a family’s best friend and is treated as one of the family. Just like with any other family member, when there are issues with your dog, you take action to find out what is going on. Food allergies in dogs are a common concern that most pet owners have in mind. If

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K9 Korral Has Top Quality Dog Supplies Sarasota!

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Everyone knows that dog is man’s best friend, and it is true that dogs confer a huge amount of benefits to man and his family. A dog can help us emotionally, reducing stress as we pet them, or being a friend when otherwise we might feel like we’re alone. They help us physically as well,

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Pet Supplies

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We at K9 Korral believe in feeding only the highest quality pet food to our pets. Many pet foods, even those that many consider “premium” contain low cost, low quality ingredients that are not optimal to your pet’s health. I have included on this page a list of foods that are very high quality

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Misconceptions About Small Dogs

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Small dogs have been put under many stereotypes due to their size, and many of us have wrongly judged small dogs based on these untrue judgments. Thus we are here to clarify some myths regarding dog training, socialization, needs, and energy regarding small dogs. Exercise Many people believe that small dogs do not need as

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Different Dog Collars

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When choosing a dog collar, many people do not understand that the collar you choose could heavily effect dog obedience and health.  Your specific type of dog should have a specific type of collar or harness, and this choice, having such an impact on dog care, should be something that more people are aware in

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Dog Toys

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Almost every dog loves toys! It’s a staple in dogs that they love to play, bound, and leap around with their toys, but with so many out there, which ones are good and bad for dogs? Through the years of dog play, a few toys have stuck around that are famous for being so loved

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