It is commonsense that dogs bark to communicate ideas to others.  Dogs bark to greet, alarm, and to establish territorial area.  But what happens if your dog barks excessively for attention-seeking purposes?  This can become a huge headache, literally, for the entire household.  So why not teach your loving pup other behaviors to notify you of the same needs.  It is possible with K9 private lessons and here are a few tips to start you off in the right direction.

Teach Your Dog to Ring a Bell

When a dog needs to go outside, it instinctively barks.  It is a way of notification that works.  However, why not teach your dog to ring a bell instead.  It is possible with patience, repetition and body language.  For instance, if your dog barks to go outside, but you do not wish to encourage this behavior then do not yell or physically touch the dog in any manner.  Instead, use body language.  Stand and do not make eye contact.  Stare at the wall or ignore the dog completely.  This will teach your dog to stop barking quickly.  Encourage the dog to nudge a bell hanging by the door or install a doggy door.  After repetitive practice, and proper training, the dog will be able to do this in no time and the house will return to its peaceful state.

Distract with Toys

If your dog has a habit of barking while you are on the phone, computer and/or trying to complete work then distract your dog with treats, toys, or a bone.  For example, if your dog barks while you are trying to talk on the phone, then give your dog a chewing toy.  Your dog will become distracted and will not bother to make noise.  It is a good way to show your dog another method of keeping busy while you complete your work.

For more tips on how to teach your dog positive techniques to replace excessive barking check out Sarasota dog training and K9 private lessons today.