Bringing Home Your New Puppy

Bringing home a puppy is an exciting time in one’s life.  The puppy is full of energy, running around, and adorable.  It is impossible not to love those first moments.  But as soon as the puppy starts chewing up the shoes, furniture, and household items, then it is difficult to maintain a joyful demeanor.  A person may easily direct tension and stress at the puppy for not listening.  This does not help you or the puppy to be in such a negative state of mind.  For the beginning should center on bonding, not scolding your puppy.  Thus, why not attend a puppy preschool class and allow an experienced professional teach you the basic skills to create a fun, loving, healthy home.

Learning the Basics

When you first bring home a puppy, have you noticed how difficult it is to get the puppy to come when called?  Puppy preschool will teach you how to call for your puppy properly.  It will engage the puppy in coming when being called ensuring the puppy associates the two and delivers successfully.  It makes the experience of owning a puppy fun for both the owner and the pup.

In addition, puppy preschool will address how to handle the biting and mouthing.  It will teach the commands sit, drop, stay and let’s go.  Florida puppy training instructs on toilet training, mat training, and calming behavior.  The class should cover nutrition, health, vaccinations, and flea treatments.

Bonding with Your Pup

It is essential to attend a puppy-training course.  It helps ease your puppy’s transition into its new home and gives an opportunity to build a relationship between you and your puppy.