There are dog owners who still wonder why in the world they need to brush their dog’s teeth.  Pet owners do not realize this is an important care tip to implement for it is not solely designed to make your dog’s breath smell good.  It is essential to your dog’s overall health.  Gum disease is a familiar, grim problem in dogs and the best way to prevent it is through brushing.

Oral Care Issues in Dogs are Serious

Just as in humans, if you do not brush your dog’s teeth, food particles and bacteria along the gum line build and form into plaque, which when left untreated turns into tartar.  Tartar is the number one problem causing severe mouth pain, teeth falling out, and bacterial infections.  The reason it is serious if left untreated, the bacterial infections seep into the bloodstream affecting the rest of the body.  Therefore, brushing the teeth is vital to your dog’s overall health.

How Often Should You Brush

It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth on a daily basis.  If your dog is of a small breed, where teeth are generally crowded together, brush frequently.  For the plaque collects more often on teeth set closely together than on a widely spread mouth.  You need to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth.

What to Use

To carry out pet care tips properly, many stores carry products to make these jobs easier.  Check out the oral hygiene products section at pet stores.  There is normally an area  dedicated to doggy toothbrushes.  There will be different types available and the best way to discover what works is to try it out at home.  Some dogs may prefer dental sponges to doggy toothbrushes, but you will not know without testing.

Regarding toothpaste, there is one main rule to follow; do not use human toothpaste.  Pet stores and your veterinarian have pet toothpaste created specifically for dogs.  The flavors may range from chicken, peanut butter, liver and mint making it appealing to your dog.  And, if your dog likes it, then brushing your dog’s teeth will be less of a chore than it initially sounds.