When it is cold outside, it may be challenging to get a dog to go outdoors for exercise.  The salt in chemical deicers may hurt a dog’s paws or the wind factor may be too much for smaller breeds.  You have to think of ways to keep the dog happy while in the cold and alternative activities rather than going out entirely.

Coax Your Dog with Treats

Some dogs dislike the idea of venturing outside while the air is frigid.  Use treats to keep the dog distracted during the walk.  It will enhance the mood of the dog and actually have the dog look forward to going on outdoor excursions, even if it is cold.  For example, when you take your dog on walks during the winter, pop a few treats into your pet’s mouth.  The dog will eventually associate walking outside with treats allowing it to be much easier to sway the dog to go outside, regardless of the temperature.

Engage the Dog in Aerobic Activity

The quickest way to keep your dog warm during winter months is to play off-the-leash exercises.  Play tug, fetch and encourage your dog to romp around with other dogs.  It will warm up the body quick and keep its mind diverted from the cold.

Increase Indoor Activities

Enroll your dog in indoor agility classes.  These classes include flyball and other fun activities in heated facilities sharpening your dog’s intellectual skills and body.  It is beneficial to your dog’s overall health.  Check out Florida dog training classes and discover additional classes offered due to it being winter months.  Furthermore, play more games in the house that will expend energy, such as tug-of-war.  It would be a great excuse to further bond with your dog and provide your dog with extra loving attention.

If your dog is still struggling with the cold, then consider putting a coat or sweater on, especially if your dog is without much body fat.  Invest in a well-fitted coat covering your dog’s back and underside.  Also, do not be surprised if your dog requires supplementary food intake during the winter months.  It exhausts more energy to stay warm, so the additional food may be a necessity.