There’s no place like home. Unless it’s K9 Korral.

Looking for a great dog boarding facility in Sarasota? Look no further! At K9 Korral, we provide your doggy with individualized care while they stay with us, ensuring they are comfortable and happy to be here. Our staff of caring employees will take great care of your dog while you’re away, and they’ll have tons of fun in the process. Our dog care facility is located minutes from downtown Sarasota, making it an easy and quick trip. For the well-being of your pets, the Korral also is staffed 24 hours a day.

You may wonder why we don’t offer different packages with additional play time, potty breaks or “Hug and Kisses” sessions. That’s because it’s all included! Your dog will get everything they need during their stay. They will play in day care as long as they desire and will be loved by us while you are away.

Boarding Prices:

1 Dog: $39
2 Dogs: $74
3 Dogs: $99
4 Dogs: $124
5 Dogs: $150
6 Dogs: $174

We charge an extra $15 per dog per night if your dog(s) are not able to sleep in a crate and require staying in a room.

A 5% discount will be applied for an extended stay more than 10 days.

K9 Korral Dog Boarding

In addition to our dog day care, K9 Korral provides a safe and loving place for your pet to stay while you’re away.

Boarding Registration Form

We must have a completed our online registration form for all dogs staying at K9 Korral.


Because dogs have a tendency to get an upset stomach with food changes, we require that you bring your dog’s regular food to eat during their stay.

Dry food: Please put each meal in an individual Ziploc baggie labeled with your dog’s name so there is no confusion about what food to feed them or how much.

Canned / frozen food: Please write your dog’s name on each can/bag with the amount of food they need at each feeding.

Special diets (veggies, fresh meat, etc.): We are happy to continue any special diet your dog is on during their stay at the K9 Korral.

Health requirements

Every dog that boards at the K9 Korral must be current on their vaccinations and flea prevention. (Bordetella: Every 6 month, Rabies, DHPP: 1 year) Please bring in a current copy of their vaccinations. Please bring any medicines in their original containers.

Additional Information

For boarding to as successful as possible, we want your dog needs to be familiar with where he or she will be staying. That’s why we recommend and encourage you to bring a piece of your clothing for your dog to have while you’re away. They will have your scent with them and feel even more relaxed. When you drop off your pet at our K9 Korral, we do everything possible to make them feel at home during their stay. There is no need to bring bedding or toys, we have plenty waiting for them already!

Dogs will wear a collar at all times without dog tags (no name, pet link, rabies, etc.) We only allow break away/snap collars (no Martingale, choke, etc.).

Boarding Pick-up Times

Monday – Friday: Before 11 am or a day care charge of ($21.00 – $29.00) will be charged if you pick up your dog after 11 am.

Saturday: Between 8am-2pm

Sunday: Between 12pm-2pm

Arrangements can be made for a pick up outside of regular hours. A $15 charge will be applied for a special pick up.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard & PayPal

-All payments are due in full at drop off.