Puppies are adorable, loving, and fun.  Nevertheless, puppies need guidance just as people do and puppy kindergarten is created to teach basics allowing you, and your puppy to live a happy and healthy life.

Introducing Play Time

During puppy kindergarten, one of the lessons is to socialize your puppy with others.  The pup gets a chance to interact with other pups, play with them, and learn what is accepted and what is not.  It is to ensure your puppy is comfortable in different situations with other animals around and it does not become a concern when the puppy grows into a dog.  For if the puppy is not accustom to other dogs, then the personality may evolve into an aggressive, or timid, dog causing problems down the road.

Learn the Basics

A puppy’s attention span is limited.  A reputable, experienced puppy kindergarten keeps this natural development in mind when designing the class.  Look for a class that is a mix of socialization, bonding and instruction.  Within the lesson, your puppy shall learn the basics.  Some of the basics include, yet, not limited to, sit, stay, and walk on a leash.  The puppy learns how to control enthusiasm during appropriate times.  For instance, if you have company over, the puppy may have the instinct to jump on your company’s lap to engage in play or bite on the person’s shoelaces.  The puppy learns how to curb the excitement and release it at proper times through positive reinforcement.

Be Reasonable

Do not put too many expectations during your puppy’s beginning growth phase.  Your puppy will need lots of love, attention and amusement.  Just keep in mind, a puppy needs to revisit these lessons throughout its entire lifespan.  So continue with these lessons with Florida dog training courses.