The Sport of Dog Agility

Dog Agility is an international sport. Direct your dog through an obstacle course in a race against the clock to measure accuracy and completion. Neither the dog nor obstacles can be touched by the handler. Consequently the handler’s controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal and coordination of the handler.

The History of the Sport:

The sport’s roots can be traced back to the late 1970’s to a demonstration that was held at Crufts Dog Show in the United Kingdom. Dogs were required to run around a course designed similar to horse jumping courses during intermission as a way to entertain the audience. It has since spread rapidly around the world.

What is an Agility Course?

Agility courses consist of several standard obstacles laid out by a judge. All obstacles are staged by the judge in a specifically sized area. The surface may consist of grass, dirt, or a rubber like material. Depending on the type of competition, the obstacles may have a different order in which they must be completed.

Expectations of the Dog Handler:

In the beginning, courses can be a rather complicated task for your dog. For the dog to correctly complete a course without the direction and training of a handler, just aint gunna happen. In competitions, the dog handler must first observe the course, decide on the best strategies, and direct their dog. Precision and speed are equally important.

What are the Basic Obstacles of a Course?

An A-frame is 2 broad ramps hinged together and raised so that the hinged connection is above the ground, roughly forming an A shape.

The Dog walk is 3 planks that connect at the ends. The center plank is raised to above the ground; so that the other 2 end planks form ramps that lead up and down.

A Teeter-totter is a single plank that pivots on a fulcrum, much like the traditional seesaw. It is constructed off-balance so that the same end is always on the ground.

The Crossover is a square platform, with ramps that descend from 3 or 4 of its sides. The dog must ascend and descend the correct ramp while changing direction.

A Tunnel is a long vinyl tube, through which the dog runs. The tunnel is constructed of flexible vinyl and wire so that it can be set in a straight line or curvy.

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Anxious Pups? CBD Products are a must!

4th of July fireworks & thunder storms have begun to rumble. Maybe, you have a dog that’s overly anxious or exhibits separation anxiety. Mark with K9 Korral explains his success with using CBD products as a remedy.


CBD Products are derived from the Male hemp plant. The female plant contains the “THC.” The effects of the extracted oil cause your dog to relax but not change their personality like prescribed (RX) meds would.

These products help regulate functions related to sleep, mood, immune system, inflammation, pain management and helps with insomnia, seizures, inflammation and arthritis.


It is sold in oil, spray, chews, treats, capsules, & topical cream.

“I have personally found it to be beneficial to dogs in these situation: Fireworks, Thunder, Seizures, Nervousness, Separation Anxiety, Fear & pain,” says Mark.


If you have a high anxiety dog or would like to find out more about this product, contact K9 Korral today to learn more.


K9 Korral offers dog training, daycare, boarding and holistic pet supplies. Visit today at


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Pet Dental Health


Did you know that good dental hygiene in your pet could extend their

life expectancy? “February is National Pet Dental Health Month and

Mark and Carola from K9 Korral have ideas on how to maintain and improve your pets’ dental health.

It has been proven that good dental health can potentially extend a

dog’s life by up to 30%. Gum disease can begin before the age of 3. Not only can it rot teeth

but can contribute to issues with your dogs heart, kidney, and lungs.

What are the warning signs? (it’s much like a human)

  1. Foul breath
  2. Discolored teeth with deep red gums
  3. Excessive tartar
  4. Bleeding gums after eating or chewing.

What should we do to prevent gum disease?

  1. Daily Brushing/Rinse
    1. Tooth brush, Finger brush & Doggie tooth paste.
  2. Dental Exam: Personally inspect teeth & gums.
    1. Get an annual Dental Exam.
  3. Dental Diet
    1. Dental chews or Non rawhide chews
    2. Busy Buddy, Nylabone
    3. Probiotics, Ozonated Oils, Coconut oil

How should you introduce the brush to your dog?

  • Make it a game!
  • Don’t stress as your dog will be able to sense that
    • Show the brush
    • touch the brush
    • touch the brush to the teeth with a taste of good tasting tooth paste
    • Brush the front of their teeth and so on over a period of a week or longer

To find our more information, contact K9 Korral at 941.951.8181. K9 Korral offers dog training, daycare, boarding and holistic pet supplies.

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Lost Pets


So often you see posters for lost pets on posts or bulletin boards. Many people are turning to Social media as well. However, there is another way to find your lost pet- Lost Pet Services.

Lost Pet Services is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that reunites lost pets with their families. Patty Giarrusso heads the organization. “We reach out to the community through our website, Facebook and Twitter,” she says. “All services are free of charge. Our goals are to provide education, microchipping, ID tags, financial support, emergency vet care and temporary housing for stray pets.”

Here are some tips to help guard against losing your pet:

  1. Pet-proof your house and yard: Check all areas of your fence. Make sure all gates and doors work properly.
  2. Teach your dog to wait at the door: If they bolt, they could get lost or even hit by a car
  3. Microchip: These now have GPS!!!
  4. Free post-adoption training session at K9 Korral: Newly adopted dogs are more likely to bolt.
  5. Get an escape-proof collar
  6. Never chase any pet: Get their attention and run away from them (sounds odd, we know- but it works!)

Check out Patt’s website frequently to see if you have seen a lost pet:

Continue to check out for more information. K9 Korral offers dog training, daycare, boarding and holistic pet supplies.

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Is Agility Right for Your Dog?

K9 Korral’s Mark Shambour was recently featured on!

And the benefits of agility, agrees Mark Shambour, owner of K9 Korral Obedience Training Centre in Sarasota, Florida, are many.
“The dogs just love it; most of them have what can only be described as huge grins on their faces the whole time they’re moving through a course,” he says. “Agility presents them with a challenge—how quickly and how well they can do the equipment—and the whole time they’re looking to you for instruction. From a pup’s perspective, what could be better?”

Read more on here:

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