Mark Shambour
Mark ShambourCanine Good Citizen (CGC) – Evaluator
Mark is a firm believer in positive behavior training. He trained with Stewart Kennels in 1978, where old fashioned methods were used with choke collars, etc. It is good to know both methods and prefer to use a more positve approach. He believes that good personal relation skills are important in communication with the pet handler so they can grow together as a team and build the bond that is necessary.
Jeffrey Andrew
Jeffrey AndrewCertification/Practitioner for Dogs & small animals
Jeffery has experience in dog training since 1974 with his own dogs: Gypsy, shepard/husky mix; Luke, German Shepard; Pampet, Irish Settler; Ajax, White Shepard; and Cuda, Rottweiler — enough for now. Also, Jeffery was in a test group for the first of it’s kind program once he gradated high school and chose dog training to participate in a2-year program and excelled so quickly his instructors called him a natural. Received his Dog Training Degree in 1978 and has continued on with continuing education and enjoys what he does and shows it by volunteering many hours. Jeffery is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Instructor & Evaluator. He has trained with his own dogs: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Assistance Service Dog tasks.