4th of July fireworks & thunder storms have begun to rumble. Maybe, you have a dog that’s overly anxious or exhibits separation anxiety. Mark with K9 Korral explains his success with using CBD products as a remedy.


CBD Products are derived from the Male hemp plant. The female plant contains the “THC.” The effects of the extracted oil cause your dog to relax but not change their personality like prescribed (RX) meds would.

These products help regulate functions related to sleep, mood, immune system, inflammation, pain management and helps with insomnia, seizures, inflammation and arthritis.


It is sold in oil, spray, chews, treats, capsules, & topical cream.

“I have personally found it to be beneficial to dogs in these situation: Fireworks, Thunder, Seizures, Nervousness, Separation Anxiety, Fear & pain,” says Mark.


If you have a high anxiety dog or would like to find out more about this product, contact K9 Korral today to learn more.


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