When choosing a dog collar, many people do not understand that the collar you choose could heavily effect dog obedience and health.  Your specific type of dog should have a specific type of collar or harness, and this choice, having such an impact on dog care, should be something that more people are aware in the importance of.  Here are a few types of dog collars.

The original buckle collar is the one you see on most dogs.  These collars are adjustable and don’t pinch or pull.  leather is the best choice when considering the buckle collar because they don’t tend to chaff or break hair as much as the nylon types. Plus they last longer
Break collars

Break collars were invented to let a dog escape from it’s collar to avoid being strangled by accident.  These collars will release their clip if the strap gets stuck on something, which could save your dog, and also work so that when you put a leash on, the clip will not open.

Chokers, also called slip collars, are generally used for training or for generally unruly dogs.  this metal chain tightens around a dogs neck if they pull on the leash, teaching them not to pull you when they walk.  If you plan on getting a choker, you should ask for the specific type for your dog, because the wrong type could get caught in their hair, or choke them.  However, this isn’t a problem if you get the right type and size.  These should never be used on puppies.
Pinch Collars

Pinch collars have a shockingly gory appearance, but don’t be fooled by it! Despite the looks of the pinch collar, they are actually a safer training method than using a choker.  These collars are typically metal, and pinch the dog when they pull on the leash, making training faster, and teaching your dog never to pull.  These leashes, however, can never be left on your dog when they are unattended and should also never be used on puppies.


Harnesses are a type of leash that distribute pressure equally throughout the dogs chest and make walking little dogs and non-pulling dogs easier.  Harnesses have a strap that go over your dogs chest and stomach.  These were originally made in order to allow your dogs to pull heavy weights, and are still today used on sled dogs.  However, they are now also used as a way to protect dogs because of the way they spread the weight of your pulling on the leash.  Many trainers believe that this collar influences pulling, but some find it quite effective in different cases.

Head Harness

I’m not going to lie, these look a little funny.  This harness goes on the dogs face right above their nose, and right under their neck.  The head harness was created for dogs that pull, and make most dogs very uncomfortable, however they are very effective.

Shock Collars

We won’t give out much information on this type of dog collars, because they tend to have more negative than positive effects on a dog, but they basically shock your dog when they go out of the perimeters you set around your home, or shock them when you press a button.  We personally do not recommend this collar for any dog.

If you have any additional questions, contact our Florida Dog training Center, or talk to your local dog trainers.