Small dogs have been put under many stereotypes due to their size, and many of us have wrongly judged small dogs based on these untrue judgments. Thus we are here to clarify some myths regarding dog training, socialization, needs, and energy regarding small dogs.


Many people believe that small dogs do not need as much daily activity as bigger dogs due to their size.  This however is not true.  Some smaller dogs such as Jack Russel Terriers are extremely energetic, and require equal, or even more exercise than larger dogs.


It is a well known thought that small dogs do not require training because they are believed to generally be lap dogs.  All dogs should (at the very least) learn their everyday commands such as sit, stay, etc.  Small dogs are actually dodgier than bigger dogs because they can run through the door when you open it a little and fit in small places.  Dog training is necessary for every type and size of dog, but small dogs especially need to be taught not to run, jump, and bark.


Many people believe that small dogs bark because they are bred in a way that makes them loony by birth.  I wont disagree with the fact than many small dogs are prone to excessive barking, but they do not bark for the believed reasons.  Many small dogs bark because they recognize their small size and prefer to feel big by making constant noise.  Many small dogs are also constant barkers because they were bred to be alarm dogs.  Small dogs are great with warnings, but generally bad with defense.


Couples tend to get smaller dogs when starting a family because they believer smaller dogs will be easier for the children to handle, and will better deal with kids because of their small size.  This misconception is particularly bad because small dogs tend to be jumpers.  When we say they are jumpers, we mean that they leap on friends and family when they enter a house, and bigger dogs know that the baby is smaller than them, and will not hurt the baby because they are afraid.  Small dogs however realize the equality in height and tend to jump because they don’t know better if you haven’t taught them, therefore dog obedience is very important if you are considering getting a small dog.  Remember that if you have a child, supervise your dog around them at all times.

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