I have talked about a wide array of dog care tips on this website.  I covered how to clean a dog’s ears, what and when to feed puppies, how to teach a dog basic commands, and other Florida dog training tips.  But I have never talked about dog bedding, until now.

Dog bedding is essential for the comfort and health of your dog.  There is an abundance of options to choose from.  However, there are some materials available on the market that you should avoid.

Forget Cedar

I love the smell of cedar, but if you mix the smell of cedar with a dog, then an unpleasant stench emits in the air.  It sticks to your clothes, carpeting, and fabric curtains overpowering the entire house.  Avoid cedar.  It is not a good idea.

Instead, try using an old mattress or blanket that is washable.  You may keep the blanket clean, smelling fresh, and it is comfortable for most dogs.  Just be aware that some types of breeds prefer sleeping on certain surfaces due to health issues.

For instance, large breeds have a difficult time sleeping on hard surfaces.  It causes joint swellings and pain in Great Danes.  Overweight dogs are uncomfortable on soft surfaces for it causes soreness and stiffness making it tricky to move when getting out of bed.

When choosing a dog bed, talk to other dog owners and breeders.  Find out what works for their dogs.  Also, ask a k9 obedience professional.  He/she provide advice guiding you in the right direction.