So often you see posters for lost pets on posts or bulletin boards. Many people are turning to Social media as well. However, there is another way to find your lost pet- Lost Pet Services.

Lost Pet Services is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that reunites lost pets with their families. Patty Giarrusso heads the organization. “We reach out to the community through our website, Facebook and Twitter,” she says. “All services are free of charge. Our goals are to provide education, microchipping, ID tags, financial support, emergency vet care and temporary housing for stray pets.”

Here are some tips to help guard against losing your pet:

  1. Pet-proof your house and yard: Check all areas of your fence. Make sure all gates and doors work properly.
  2. Teach your dog to wait at the door: If they bolt, they could get lost or even hit by a car
  3. Microchip: These now have GPS!!!
  4. Free post-adoption training session at K9 Korral: Newly adopted dogs are more likely to bolt.
  5. Get an escape-proof collar
  6. Never chase any pet: Get their attention and run away from them (sounds odd, we know- but it works!)

Check out Patt’s website frequently to see if you have seen a lost pet: www.LostFoundPets941.com

Continue to check out K9Korralsrq.com for more information. K9 Korral offers dog training, daycare, boarding and holistic pet supplies.

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