Cold weather is upon us, and you need to take care of your dog in a different manner than you do when it is warm outside.  Here are the top three tips on what to do with your dog during the cold weather months.

Limit Off Leash Time

According to the ASPCA, allowing your dog to go off leash in snow or ice can be fatal.  Dogs lose scent in snowstorms and become easily lost.  Be cautious taking your dog outside when the weather is unstable.  Also, update your dog’s contact information on the identification tag.  Winter is the time when more dogs get lost.  Having the updated information is the best preventive measure you, as a loving dog owner can take.

Be Sensitive Towards Puppies

Younger dogs are most susceptible to illnesses, colds, and problems caused from cold weather than their adult counterparts.  If you are trying to housetrain a puppy during these months, you may wish to opt for paper-training.  It would provide a warm, safe environment for your puppy during these harsh months.

Prevent Ingestion of Toxic Chemicals

During winter months, there is salt and antifreeze stuck to the snow and ice found on the ground.  To ensure your dog does not digest these damaging chemicals, wipe down your dog’s stomach and legs when entering from outside.  A dog could lick his paws, and paw pads putting him in danger immediately.  If a dog ingests any of these items, then the results could be fatal.

Keep your dog safe during the winter months by implementing these winter tips.

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