As you compile your holiday gift list, do not forget about your pets.  Dogs love to receive toys, and I searched online for the top five holiday dog gifts out this holiday season.  Some are expensive, while others are on the low end.  I tried to find something to suit everyone’s budget.

Kong Toys

Kong toys are not new, but these are a staple on everyone’s dog wish list.  What makes these toys so great is the fact it keeps your dog engaged for hours.  It is an entertaining means to use when leaving your dog home alone.

Kong toys are battery-operated that dispense four or five treats stuffed inside at different rates and times.  Your dog will realize what is occurring and wait for the treats to come out.  A tone occurs before each treat is released.  And you are able to set the times of release by an easy push of the button.  These toys run around $75.

Planet Dog Orbee Balls

Planet Dog Orbee Balls are an inexpensive gift to get your dog this holiday season.  These toys are soft, durable and designed to last through the most addictive chewers in the canine family.  The graphic printed on the ball is a world map, hence the name Planet Dog.  Additionally, the toys are mint scented.  These are 100% recyclable compound and the ingredients are non-toxic.  The price ranges from $7-$15, depending on the size selected.

Dog Trouble Puzzle

There is a new interactive dog toy on the market called Dog Trouble.  This toy is a puzzle board where a dog has to determine how to slide the treat-filled pegs through a bendy route in order to release the treats.  This is a captivating activity keeping your dog’s belly satisfied and mind connected resulting in a happy pup.  The average cost is $50.

To find out more about what toys to get your dog this holiday season, talk to a K9 obedience instructor or a Florida dog training coach today.