Dogs have a built-in need to exercise.  It is a way for dogs to release energy.  If this need is unmet on a regular basis, then dogs find alternative ways to expend vigor that is not in a constructive manner.

Lack of Exercise Equals Destruction

Do you ever wonder why your dog chews up the house or why your pup scratches and digs all day long?  Does your dog engage in excessive barking?  Does your dog frequently raid the garbage?  You need to examine how often you play with your dog or provide your pup with exercise.  If your dog is lacking in participation of activities, then the dog will substitute the physical actions with negative behaviors.  These are bad habits for your dog to adapt.  To prevent this from happening enroll your pup in agility classes or dog obedience training classes.  These classes allow your pup the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, bond with you, and provide a positive atmosphere to let loose.  Thus, when you come home your dog is relaxed, happy and peaceful.

Ample Exercise Exemplifies Happy Home

When you ensure that your dog is engaging in exercise on a daily basis, you are improving the quality of life for your dog, and you.  You decrease your dog’s need to chew, bite and bark.  It eliminates a significant number of bad behaviors from continuing to develop.  The dog also will be able to sleep and rest quietly at night.  It also prolongs your dog’s life by keeping your dog in shape.

For more information on why dogs need exercise talk to a Florida dog obedience training class today.