Dog Socialization Takes Time

Dogs are social animals and enjoy companionship with their owners and other dogs.  But you need to take your time when introducing a new pup into the house.  When you are ready to adopt another dog, have patience.  Stay positive and remember these guidelines to help the two socialize on a happy level.

Do Not Force It

When bringing home a new pup, do not bring another pet along for introductions during the car ride.  The car is not neutral ground to bring two dogs together.  Do not try it. Instead, wait until you get home.  Take them out on a walk together offering introductions on neutral territory.  While on a walk, dogs expend energy.  Thus, the dogs will not be anxious walking next to each other.  The energy spent is on the physical aspect of walking.  As a result, there is a true chance for the two dogs to release nervous energy and just be comfortable with one another.  Walking together becomes a natural thing for dogs when given the chance to bond during a walk.

Prevent Rivalries

Provide each dog with his/her own water and food bowls.  Do the same with chew toys and other favorite items the prior pup may own.  You may wish to keep each dog’s toys in confined areas, so it does not instigate any fighting between one another.

To truly develop a cohesive home join a Florida dog obedience training class today.  Sarasota dog training classes are available to teach you and your dogs not to clash, but to bond with one another enriching the lives of all whom reside there, regardless if human or animal.