It is hard to think about spring when the weather is still frigid outside, but it will happen before you know it.   And with warm weather, additional joggers and runners are noticeably active outside.  So how do you prevent your dog from running after these people when they go by?  There are different techniques you may utilize and here are just a few tips to help you and your dog.

Bring Special Treats

When you take your dog out for a walk, bring a stash of dog treats, small pieces of chicken, cheese or a hot dog with you.  You shall use this only when you see a runner pass by.  Let me explain.  When a runner goes by, you need something to distract your dog.  A regular dog treat may not be sufficient.  However, a tiny piece of chicken would be enough to keep your dog’s attention on you.  Furthermore, this will have the dog associate a runner going by as a positive thing.  For the dog sees runner, and thinks treat.  Thus, your dog will adapt to sitting or staying near you whenever someone jogs alongside.

Encourage Safety

The reason why it is vital to teach your dog not to run after people is for several reasons, but mainly for the runner and your dog’s safety.   If your dog chases after a person, then it may lead the dog into traffic and cause permanent injury to your dog and to the runner.  In addition, not everyone is comfortable with dogs.  Therefore, if a runner sees a dog chasing after him/her, then the runner may not respond in a friendly manner causing further aggression from both parties.

Teach your dog not to chase after joggers.  Make sure you expend your dog’s energy by engaging your dog in daily exercise and agility classes.  Florida dog obedience training and dog agility classes will prevent your dog from chasing a person out of excitement or the need to release nervous energy.   By the time a runner passes by, and agility classes are over, your dog will be too tired to care if someone is coming the pup’s way or not.