When dogs are just little puppies, they show signs of personality traits.  If the pup is forming aggressive or frightened behavior then the pup may bite.  Thus, you need to modify this behavior from the beginning ensuring your dog lives a joyous life.

Enroll in Puppy Kindergarten

The first key is to enroll your dog into a puppy kindergarten class or k9 obedience training classes.  This class will teach your pup not to bite using a positive reinforcement technique.  Just make sure your pup is current with vaccinations.  Furthermore, the classes are an opportunity for you and your pup to learn how to effectively communicate with one another making the years to come easy on the two of you.

Let the Puppy Mingle

The more your puppy socializes with other puppies, dogs, people, and kids the less frightened the pup will be when he/she grows up.  As a result, the less scared the dog is the decreased odds are that biting shall ensue.  Fearful dogs instinctively turn towards biting.  It is what they know.  It is how they fight with others.  Thus, do not isolate the pup.  When socialization happens appropriately, the pup develops into a well-mannered, friendly, comfortable dog.

If you still have problems with your dog biting, then do not wait to take action.  Find a Sarasota dog training facility that implements positive reinforcement.  Make sure the staff is experienced and knowledgeable in what they do.  Enjoy the time you share with your pup during the close.  It will bring you and your pup closer together.