When you sit down to eat with company, it is not pleasant to have your dog continuously pestering everyone seated.  Generally, if your dog has not modified this behavior, then your puppy is instinctively moving back and forth between the table members until the dog finally gets something to eat from someone’s plate.  It is a good idea to stop this behavior from the start.

Choose a Spot and Distract

The first step is to decide where your dog’s spot will be during your mealtimes.  For instance, if you are getting ready to eat lunch, show your pup a designated spot where it can lie down and rest while you eat your meal.  Normally, this is an area where you have a doggy bed or mat.  Then, to make certain your dog does not get up from the chosen area; give your pup something to play with or a bone to chew on.  Anything to distract the dog ensuring you, and your guests, will be able to eat in peace.  You will have to teach your dog the “stay” command before achieving positive results.  It will take lots of repetition, treats and reward methods.  Florida dog training classes may help you achieve this goal.

Remove the Puppy from the Room

If you do not want your dog to be in the same room as you during meals, then choose a spot to move the dog and teach your dog how to settle in and relax in that chosen area.  This is a great option for people who like to entertain but do not want the dog roaming around inside the exact area as the party guests.  Select a room the dog is comfortable in or a portion of the house or yard; provide the dog with plenty of toys and other objects to remain occupied.  Thus, your dog will be happy and relaxed while you get a chance to enjoy time with your houseguests.

Sarasota dog training is available to help you with the “stay” and “settle in” commands.  They also are able to teach you pet care tips to keep your dog living a healthy and happy life.