In our prior post, we discussed two ways to workout out the tension between dogs living under the same roof.  We provided two essential tips in taking control in a positive manner ensuring the dogs start bickering causing stress for the entire household.  In this post, we shall provide you with a few more tips that will help decrease if not stop aggressive behavior between your loving pets.

Stop Toy Hostility

Dogs fight over toys, so you have to take more of an active role in handling this situation.  Do not leave toys lying around the house.  This only encourages negative behavior. Instead, start training the dogs separately.  Focus on the “drop it” command.  Use treats as a reward for dropping the toy.  This will make your dog drop the toy in exchange for a delicious treat.  Then, once the dogs have mastered this scenario solo, bring the two dogs together in the same room.  And practice the same technique with both dogs together.  This teaches the dogs to release a toy when you say, “Drop it,” preventing any aggression over toys from escalating further.

Prevent Fighting Behavior over Food

If you have aggressive dogs, then the toy may not be the only issue your dogs fight over.  Food could be a catalyst for many fights between dogs, and you need to stop this before it gets worse.  One way is to construct the dogs to “sit” before placing food on the ground.  With repetition, the dogs will calmly sit before receiving food.  Eventually, this will become an instant reaction to bringing the food before them.  Just remember in initial training phase, you will have to train the dogs separately.

To find out more about Florida dog training, talk to one of our experts today.  Enroll in a k9 obedience class and learn tips on how to generate positive behavior.  It will eliminate stress and tension felt by the entire household.