Some dogs have a natural instinct to chase certain wildlife, stock animals, and varmints.  However, a dog chasing wild animals could put your pet in serious danger.   You need to nip this behavior before it escalates into fatal injuries.  Your pet could encounter a porcupine causing internal damage or if your dog likes to lead a pack to stalk other animals, then the results could trigger negative issues and injuries for everyone involved.  The best way to prevent any negative outcome from occurring is to talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor or to enroll in a k9 obedience class immediately.  In the meantime, here are some dog training tricks to use.

One method of stopping the predatory behavior is to change the way your dog thinks about other animals.  First, you need a long leash.  Then, whenever livestock or a squirrel crosses your dog’s path get your pet’s attention with treats.  Have your dog immediately associate another animal with positive rewards.  Eventually, your dog will ignore other animals that run near.  Your dog will see other animals then immediately turn to you anticipating positive reinforcement shall be provided.

Another means is to instill the command “come” when needed.  Make sure your dog masters this command before allowing your dog to go anywhere off leash.  It will keep your dog close, and responsive preventing negative situations from unfolding.

To find out more talk to a Florida dog training coach today.