When dogs live under the same roof and do not get along, it results in an unbalance of the entire household.  No harmony exists with constant snapping and fighting between dogs.  Everyone stresses from having to be on a continuous lookout of the dogs’ behaviors preventing any dogfights from occurring or escalating.  No one wants to live in such a manner.  Here are some tips in a two part series of how to relieve some stress from the family, dogs and create some peace in the house.

Exercise the Tension

Just like in humans, a great way to release tension between dogs is to take them for walks.  A lengthy daily walk amongst dogs can help take control of the situation, and reestablish who is in charge, you.  You are able to make sure they stay under control on walks and decrease any bickering between the two dogs.  This will translate to when the dogs are off the leash too.  Use the walks to emphasize the behavior training, and review commands.  Then when the dogs are at home if they even start acting up in a negative manner, initiate a command and it will be followed accordingly.

Take Preventive Measures

If the dogs are left home alone, then use a way to keep the two dogs separated until you return.  It is better to monitor them, but it is not realistic for someone to have to do this on a nonstop basis.

To find out more ways on how to get your dogs to get along, talk to a Florida dog training instructor or a k9 obedience teacher today.