Teaching your dog tricks is a fun bonding experience for you and your dog.  It allows your dog to remain engaged, perform tricks, receive rewards and praise, and enjoy each other in a positive manner.  The key to successfully executing this is by using positive reinforcement.  Here is a basic outline of some of the most common tricks to teach your dog.

Shake Your Hand

Teaching your dog how to shake your hand is a simple one to learn.  It starts by having your dog sit.  Next, reach out and take a hold of your dog’s paw into your hand and say, “Paw.”  After practicing this repeatedly, your dog will understand.  Overtime, all you will do to implement this trick is put your hand out, say the command, and your dog will shake your hand with his paw.


Trying to get your dog to speak is not a difficult trick to teach with the right tools.  The first step is to engage your dog in an exciting activity or game where your dog likes to bark.  Then, when your dog barks say, “Speak.”  Reward your dog with a treat and repeat the activity.  Eventually, your dog will learn to bark on command.

There are numerous tricks to teach your dog.  It is just a matter of using positive reinforcement, staying upbeat, and providing a happy environment.

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