Training your dog can take its toll on both you and the pup.  But you have to remember why you are partaking in dog training, which is to bond with your dog and have fun.  If you keep this in mind when going into training sessions, it will keep the experience enjoyable for all parties involved.  Here are some dog training tips to remember during your Florida dog training lessons.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

If I have said one thing throughout this entire dog training blog, it is to implement training with positive reinforcement.  Dogs react well to positive rewards.  They think, “Wow.  If I roll over, I get a tasty treat.”  Thus, the dog will keep rolling over on command.   It is affirmation that the dog’s behavior is desired.  It is what works with canines.

Make it Fun

When you are training with your dog, make it a fun experience for the two of you.  Engage in lots of praise and playtime in-between training techniques.  If you do then it causes your dog to reflect on the situation by thinking if I endure these lessons, I get playtime.  Therefore, your dog will not be resistant to training, but rather looking forward to it for there is playtime when the training is completed.

These Florida dog training tips are the basics of how to engage in effective and successful dog training lessons.  To find out more about how to manage your puppy’s training sessions, enroll in a puppy kindergarten class today.