Dogs love to socialize with other dogs.  They need that time together to engage in play.  It teaches them natural behavior skills humans are incapable of passing along.  But how do you manage playtime between dogs?  Here are three simple steps to remember when dogs are interacting with one another.

Supervise Off-Leash Play

You want your dog to play “chase” with other dogs.  It will expend mental and physical attributes needed for your dog to live a happy life.  However, you do not want go to the dog park, leave your dog in an unseen area and walk away.  You need to sit in an area where the dog realizes you are present and not hovering over your dog.  You should never leave dogs alone in an open area without observing what is occurring.  The reason being is what if one dog turns aggressive?  Your dog needs to comprehend him/she is safe due to you being in the same proximity.

Watch Body Language

This is something we have described in prior blogs, but it is important to remember throughout owning your dog.  You need to pay attention to your dog’s body language.  Does your dog tense and growl around certain dogs?  Dogs will do certain movements while playing.  It is not unusual for them to growl.  Nonetheless, if your dog is in a tense state while facing off another dog and it is not friendly, then you need to call to your dog and distract before it escalates into something negative.

If you are unsure how to handle dog playtime, talk to a Florida dog training professional today.  K9 obedience instructor will provide advice on what to do next.