There is so much material about puppy training on the internet making it difficult to decipher the positive from the ineffective methods.  Thus, I have decided to sift through the material for you and provide the top three puppy training techniques to avoid.  These methods encourage good behavior from your pup, and you.

Do Not Abuse Crate Time

Crate training is designed to teach your dog how, when and where to go to the restroom.  A puppy will not go to the bathroom where the puppy plays, sleeps and lives.  Thus, use the crate in such a manner.  Do not use the crate as a means of punishment for your puppy.  Your puppy will not understand and it will confuse your puppy further.

Never Use Physical Force

There is absolutely no reason to hit your puppy.  Instead, gently correct your puppy’s behavior when the pup does something wrong.  If you implement physical harm upon your pup, then you will end up with a nervous, aggressive, and confused grown dog.  Puppy’s need to be taught in a loving environment with positive reinforcement.

Rid the Old Concept of Rubbing Your Puppy’s Nose in an Accident

The old method of teaching your puppy where to go the bathroom via rubbing your pup’s nose in accidents no longer works.   Instead, concentrate on positive reinforcement by showing the puppy where to go, and provide plenty of praise when done correctly.

If you would like more tips on how to train your puppy, enroll in a puppy kindergarten class or a puppy preschool today.