Today I walked outside and was relieved to feel the fall, cool air.  Finally, there is a breeze blowing, leaves falling, and the temperature cold enough to run around outside with my dog.  It is the best time of the year.  Nevertheless, regardless of the scorching heat gone, there are still seasonal dog risks to take note of.  Here are some autumn safety tips ensuring you have a secure, fun, healthy fall season with your pet.

Watch Out For Mushrooms

This is the time of year where mushrooms grow rapid outside.  It is true that the majority of them are non-toxic, but there is a specific type to avoid which is difficult to distinguish when on the run.  So to be on the safe side, do not allow your dog to eat any while playing outside.  Harmful mushrooms cause fatal, health dog issues.  If ingested, rush your dog to the veterinarian immediately.  My best advice is steer clear of mushrooms growing in the wild.

Put Away School Supplies

Fall weather means back to school time.  Glue sticks, markers, pencils are just some of the school supplies required to finish a school project or assignment.  Some parents keep these items out for kids to utilize and access at any time.  Be careful.  These same items trigger severe digestive issues in dogs, if swallowed or chewed.  To prevent any issues from arising keep school supplies stored away where the dog cannot reach.  This way the kids can still finish their studies, and the dog remains safe and happy.

To learn more about fall tips for your pet, talk to a Florida dog training instructor or a k9 obedience teacher today.