Learning that someone has cancer triggers a frightening turn of events.  You do not know what to do, how to handle the situation and thoughts become jumbled turning you into one big mess.  Now, picture if this happens to your dog.  It is confusing, sad, and a ball of mixed emotions occurs. Your dog cannot express vocally that he/she is in pain.  You are unsure of what to do or if it is even happening.  Here are a few symptoms to look out for.

Dog Cancer Symptoms

Look out for some of these symptoms, and take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

  • Swelling
  • Lumps
  • Dark, black, tar-looking stools
  • Little or no appetite
  • Trouble eliminating waste
  • Struggle breathing

If your dog has any of these symptoms, it does not automatically mean your canine has cancer.  However, these are serious symptoms of fatal conditions, including cancer.  If you detect any of these signs have your pup thoroughly examined by a professional right away.

Dog Breeds with High Cancer Risks

There are certain dog breeds that have an increased risk of attaining cancer over others.  These breeds are large and giant breed dogs, such as Saint Bernard’s and Great Danes.  Boxers, Golden Retrievers, and Boston Terriers are also known to develop cancer cells.  Pay close attention to your dog’s health and behavior to be certain your dog is not falling ill.

How to Manage Cancer in Dogs

There are different types of cancer treatments recommended for dogs.  Chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy are the most common, but not every dog owner chooses these options.  Some believe in the quality of life.  In these situations, dog owners select pain management therapy rather than these harsh treatments ensuring your dog is comfortable and not in pain.

No matter what route you go with regarding cancer treatment, pay attention to the signs.  Early detection is the key to removing any cancerous tumors before it spreads throughout the dog’s body.

To find out more, talk to a Florida dog obedience training instructor or enroll in a k9 Acumassage session.  These experts will direct you to solid veterinarians in the area, and provide ample emotional support as you and your dog go through this devastating process.