Is your dog scratching excessively?  Does your dog exhibit scabs, pale gums, and hair loss?  If your dog is suffering from all of these symptoms, then fleas may be the culprit.

Why Fleas are Dangerous

Fleas are a big nuisance but also a major cause of several health issues and complications in dogs.  For these tiny bugs are able to consume fifteen times their own body weight in blood causing anemia in dogs.  Thus, a flea could cause a life-threatening situation in young puppies, smaller breeds, and dogs all around.  Take care of fleas immediately if found on your dog.

How to Treat Fleas

See your veterinarian and receive treatment immediately.  There are different routes to follow but the most effective method of ridding your pet of fleas is through prescription products.  Your veterinarian will provide the solution to fleas with proper instructions.

Furthermore, before returning home from the vet, treat the location where the dog resides in, and outside the house.  If your dog frequently sits in the car, prefers a favorite sleeping spot or lives in an outdoor doghouse, then all of these areas need to be treated prior to returning home with your dog.  You do not want a dog that is infected with fleas to return to a contaminated area.  Additionally, throw out any prior bedding to ensure the spreading of fleas does not occur.

If you have any questions about how to treat a flea problem, talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor or a k9 obedience teacher today.  He/she will advise you with personal experiences filled with solid advice on what the most effective method of prevention and treatment.