Some new dog owners tend to forget training a pup takes lots of patience.  Your dog is not a robot.  You cannot control a dog with a remote control.  You need to provide patience, love, understanding and consistency when implementing training techniques.  Here are a few standard rules that apply when teaching your dog new commands.

Be Gentle with New Puppies

A new puppy has not had any training except what was learned from the litter.  Therefore, remind yourself of this fact and be gentle when executing commands.  You don’t want the puppy to react in a negative manner.  Thus, keep the frustration level to zero.  Use treats along the way.  It helps your pup understand what is considered acceptable behavior.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to achieve the results you want in a light atmosphere.

Not All Dogs Get Along

If there are other dogs in the home, introduce them to each other slowly.  Do not be taken aback if the older dogs are not accepting of the new pup in the beginning.  New puppies have more energy and wish to play; whereas, an older dog may be set in his/her ways.  Do not force the two to interact.  The bonding will improve overtime at their leisure.  Try to encourage positive interaction but talk to a Florida dog training professional for tips on how to ensure this occurs correctly.

There are many concepts to keep in mind when training a new dog to your home.  If you are unsure about a certain technique then enroll in a puppy kindergarten class today.