Any Florida dog training professional will tell you that you have to be creative when training a smart dog.  Smart dogs are able to sense and figure things out at a faster pace.  For instance, if a dog wishes to leave the yard, then your dog will find a way to leave the perimeter regardless of how secure it is.  Here are a few tips on how to train a smart dog.

Add Variety to Dog Training Exercises

When smart dogs are being trained it is essential to find new ways to keep them engaged while training.  Thus, play hide and seek games with dog treats.  Try agility classes to engage the physical aspect and mental capabilities of a dog.  In addition, add different training techniques in one session.  Smart dogs pick up fast on commands.  They are able to comprehend what your voice and emotion emits.  Therefore, once a command is mastered move on to the next training session.  If you stick on one command for too long, a smart dog’s mind wanders.  Keep your dog engaged and you will have effective and successful results.

Stay Light-Hearted

Smart dogs have a tendency to react to your emotions.  As a result, and as stated in prior blogs, remember to stay upbeat when interacting with a smart dog.  Smart dogs are more in-tuned with your emotions and understanding what the final goal is you are trying to achieve at a faster pace than other dogs.  Thus, remain happy when providing training and your dog will react in a positive manner to your commands.

Smart dogs need the same guidelines as other dogs.  The only difference is to provide further assortment of training lessons to a smart dog ensuring your dog stays engaged and happy.  If you have any questions please talk to a k9 obedience training professional today.