It is essential to remember there are different approaches to training a dog when it comes to various breeds, including size.  Smaller dogs have general traits a dog trainer and yourself must adapt to.  Here are a few tips to remember when training a smaller breed dog.

Provide a Calm Setting

Small dogs tend to exhibit high-strung personality traits.  They are aggressive, wound-up and hyperactive.  Thus, you need to be sure the training lesson facility is in a serene environment.   Be certain the instructor is able to remain calm, yet firm, when need-be.  You do not want your pup to feel overwhelmed and act in a negative manner.  An experienced dog professional will be able to successfully reel in your dog’s attention and generate a loving, bonding practice for the both of you.

Offer Training Breaks

Enroll in a puppy kindergarten class designed for smaller breed dogs.  These classes will provide more breaks ensuring to adapt to a short attention span generally found amongst small dogs.  Furthermore, it adds more value to the actual training time.  For you are able to teach your pup commands during moments when the pup is solely paying attention to you.

Being a dog owner of a small breed is convenient.  They are full of energy, easy to travel with, and do not need large spaces to roam making them perfect for a petite size home or apartment.  Just be sure to find a k9 obedience professional able to address small breed training challenges and share with you his/her knowledge.