Misconceptions about Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are stereotyped as aggressive, mean, and impossible to train dogs.  However, these statements are not true.  Pit bulls are intelligent, loyal, and kind dogs…if correct training is implemented from the beginning.  Here are some tips on how to handle various scenarios with your pit bull puppy.

Socialization Starts Young

Pit bull puppies should interact and socialize with other breed dogs at a young age. For pit bulls are strong, and when pit bull puppies play together, they tend to be rough with one another.  It does not allow the pit bull puppy to gauge when the proper time to back down during play is.   On the other hand, if a pit bull puppy plays with other breeds from a very young age, then the pit bull puppy learns.

For one example of normal play behavior in puppies is when the play is too intense, a puppy stops play immediately.  The puppy takes a break then returns to play.  It is a great lesson to teach a pit bull puppy.  This allows the pit bull puppy to discover when his/her strength is too powerful for other dogs.  It helps the puppy to socialize with other puppies preventing accidental fighting behavior to be the norm when the dog grows up.

For more information on pit bulls and how to handle different breed characteristics, talk to a Florida dog training professional or k9 obedience instructor today.