Away from Home Too Much?  Find a Dog Daycare

When you are working away from home, it is difficult to keep your dog active, social, and happy.  Your dog needs to expend energy throughout the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Your dog should not be cooped-up in a confined area for long periods.  An experienced, reputable doggy daycare is the answer to this problem.  But how do you discover the perfect doggy daycare suitable for your pup?  Here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.

Check Out the Dog Population

A doggy daycare should consist of spayed, neutered, healthy and well-socialized dogs.  Ask the facility what type of dogs are permitted.  Visit the facility to witness it firsthand.  If the daycare tends to bend the rules regarding what type of dogs are allowed, then move on to another doggy daycare.  This is not appropriate for any pup.

What About Numbers?

A popular doggy daycare is a great thing.  It means the staff and facility are doing something right.  But if the center is overly crowded, there may be a problem.  This is similar to trying to find a daycare or school for your child.  You do not want the ratio of child to teacher to be off scale.  The same rule applies to your dog.  Plus, if the facility is overcrowded it is difficult to maintain a high level of cleanliness required to run a proper dog daycare.

Finding a doggy daycare is a stressful situation.  Thus, ask a Florida dog training professional.  He/she will be able to provide solid advice on the subject and guide you in the appropriate manner.