Losing a pet is a nightmare striking the entire household.  It causes panic to resonate throughout the home.  But the best thing to do is remain calm.  You will not be productive if you act out of fright.  Hold the emotion in and think about what steps to take to find your lost pet.  Here is advice on what steps to take in aiding you to find your pup quickly.

Look Through the House

This may sound silly, but sometimes smaller breeds hide behind a piece of furniture or under a blanket.  Thus, thoroughly examine the house and make sure your dog isn’t hiding inside the house before extending the search outside.  If you are positive the pup is not present, start combing the neighborhood.

Contact Your Neighbors

While you are out walking around the area looking for your dog, call your neighbors from your cellular phone and see if your pup has been seen or found.  Your dog may be playing with a neighbor’s dog.  Thus, ask your neighbors.  In case your neighbors find your dog, provide them with your contact information.  Also, give your neighbors a picture of your pup.  A picture is a key tool to ensuring a lost pup is yours and not someone else’s.

Call Animal Shelters

It is a good idea to contact local animal shelters.  For some people may not be aware the dog is missing and take it directly to an animal shelter unsure of what to do.

For more tips on how to find a lost pet, talk to a Florida dog training professional today.  He/she will have experience in this subject matter and will be able to provide sound advice on how to proceed from here.