Dogs can be expensive.  There are food, health, grooming and k9 obedience training costs.  But the rewards of owning a dog outweighs any monetary expense accumulated.  If you are debating on whether getting a dog is the right choice for you, check out our list of the top two widespread reasons dog owners cannot imagine life without their dogs.

Dogs Provide Companionship

If you survey dog owners across the board, companionship will be the number one universal reason why people love their dogs.  Depending on the breed, a dog could be your running, walking or hiking partner.  Your dog is present when you come home from work every day providing you with lots of excitement and joy.  You have playtime set aside dedicated to your dog.  Your dog is always there to provide unconditional love without having to say a word.  It is companionship at its best.  It is the reason why a dog is a man’s best friend.

Dogs Elevate Moods

When you are in a funk, it is difficult to snap out of it.  However, a dog’s presence automatically helps ease you out of the tough times.  For instance, my friend has a dog, and when my friend is in a sad state, the dog is able to sense it.  The dog will tug at the covers in the morning ensuring she gets up out of bed and starts her day off the right foot.  And it works!  It does not matter if my friend swore the night before that she is never leaving her bedroom for the next eight days.  Her dog knows when she is in the dumps, and pulls her out of it.

A dog brings joy to our lives.  A dog is able to lift our spirits and provide an abundance of positive emotions our way.  To find out more about how to sustain your dog’s health, grooming and training talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional today.