When adding a puppy to your home there are a few things you need to keep in mind.  Here is a basic outline of essential tasks needed to provide your dog with a vigorous, happy life.

Implement Training and Socializing Skills

There is nothing more wonderful than bringing home a new puppy.  The puppy is excited and ready to love on every member of the household.  But with a new environment comes fresh ground rules for the pup.  For instance, you do not want your pup to think it is acceptable to chew on anything lying around the house.  Train your pup to use chew toys only.  In addition, if there are other animals in the house, it is wise to introduce the dog through socialization and training skills.

Also, if you are adding an adult dog to the home, then find a dog training class that teaches how to introduce your dog into a his/her new settings with positive reinforcement.  You want the transition to be enjoyable for all parties involved and socialization and training is the way to go.

Choose Nutritious Dog Food

Most dog professionals agree the first five ingredients in dog food are telling regarding the nutritional factor.  Within the first five ingredients, be sure two of them are high quality protein resources.   It will aid your dog into receiving a well-balanced diet.

Exercise Your Dog

Besides eating right, your dog needs to engage in exercise.  Provide your dog with ample playtime and physical activity.  Dogs are susceptible to many health issues caused by obesity.  Keep your dog active.  It is part of supplying your pup with a fit, stable, caring home.

Dogs need food, shelter and appropriate positive training.  These are the main factors to building a constructive, loving home for your pup.  If you are unsure on where or how to start, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.