When you add a dog to your home, you have to become a role model for your pup not just a companion.  You need to learn certain attributes on how to be an effective, successful and positive leader providing a beneficial home and bond for you and your pup.  Here are two main tips to help you attain this goal successfully.

Maintain Consistency

Dogs need consistency in the home or else the dog becomes puzzled and annoyed.  A good dog owner provides this for the pup.  One way is to be sure if you walk your dog at a certain time on specific days, then continue to do so even if you are having a bad day.  Just being outside in the fresh air exercising with your pup will lift your spirits and ensure your dog that you are a reliable and positive influence in your pup’s life.

Keep Your Dog On-Time

Along with relying on consistency, you need to be sure your dog’s day is filled with activities at appropriate times.  For instance, if your dog has been lying around the house all day long, then how in the world will your dog be ready to relax when it is time to go to bed?  Thus, engage in a certain amount of physical exercise for a set duration.  Moreover, in-between these moments, be sure to provide your dog with time to rest, eat, drink and refuel.  A dog should have a schedule just as you.  Stay on top of it ensuring your dog is able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These are great tips on how to be a positive, loving dog owner, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  To find out what else you can do, talk to a Florida dog obedience professional today.  Ask a k9 obedience trainer what other elements you should be adding to you and your pup’s daily lives.