It is traveling season.  You are taking your dog along on holiday trips to the beach, woods and to see family.  Alternatively, you may keep your dog in a pet resort.  Either way, the identification records need to be up to par.  This is the time when some dog owners consider microchip identification.  However, many questions arise about these devices.  To ease your mind, here is a basic overview of the benefits, and functions of the device.

What is a Microchip ID?

A microchip ID is a tiny chip that is the size of a rice grain.  It has an identification number that correlates with a database that stores your dog’s name, home address, and contact information if lost.  The database is easily updated, as needed.  Therefore, if you move, the new address is entered ensuring all records are current.  It brings peace of mind to loving pet owners.

How is it Implanted?

A microchip ID is a safe mechanism implanted under the skin of the dog via an injection.  It lasts a dog’s lifetime never needing replacement or removal.  A handheld electronic scanner reads the device.  The injection and the scanning do not harm the dog.  Discomfort only occurs during the shot itself.  It is a great means to prevent your dog from being stolen, sold and never returned to you, the rightful owner.

To find out what other dog owners think about the microchip ID, talk to a k9 obedience instructor or a Florida dog training professional today.