Some dog owners prefer to keep their dogs outside for many reasons.  There is no room indoors.  The dog is able to roam outside freely without space limitations.  The kids’ allergies act up otherwise.  There are many advantages to having an outdoor dog.  But you need to ensure your dog remains safe and happy during chilling winter months.   Here are some basic tips on how to keep your outdoor dog safe this winter.

Add Comfort to the Doghouse

During the summer months, most dog owners provide dogs with shaded areas to hang out.  There is accessible clean, fresh water for the dog to drink at anytime.  The mindset is completely different when it comes to winter.  You need to switch gears to address these issues.

First, provide lots of blankets or straw bedding inside the doghouse.  Your dog needs to have a safe and comfortable place to outlast cold snow and harsh winds.  Examine the front opening of the doghouse.  Is it facing into the wind or away?  This makes a difference in keeping your dog healthy and warm during the winter months.  Also, remember to change the dog bedding regularly.  You cannot slack on this task solely because it is cold outside.

Pack More Calories into Meals

During cold months, dogs use up more energy.  It is how a dog maintains the right body temperature while the outdoor temperatures drop.  To fulfill this need, provide your dog with additional calories.  It will keep your dog healthy, warm, and happy.

For more outdoor winter dog tips, talk to a k9 obedience or a Florida dog training professional today!