I enjoy being around dogs but there is nothing more uncomfortable than visiting a friend’s house where the dog runs around without any parameters.  It takes away from the socializing experience between you and your friend.  If the dog jumps on you the minute you enter the door or is constantly sniffing in inappropriate places, then it makes you not want to go over there.  Alternatively, what if the dog is a lap dog and automatically jumps in your lap with shedding fur all over your new black dress, and you and your friends are supposed to go out on the town after picking everyone up?  A well-behaved dog makes for a better time in your household for you, your friends, and family.  It also enhances the bond between you and your pup.

How to Instill Positive Dog Behavior Around Guests

With a small number of dog training commands, you will be able to resolve any issues a house guest may have due to your dog not behaving in presence of others.  It does not take up much time.  It provides the opportunity to spend quality time with your dog.  And it teaches you more about your dog’s personality and learning traits.  Also, it is a great way meet other dog owners, and for your dog to learn socialization skills with other canines and people too.

Find out more about dog training by contacting a Florida dog training professional or a k9 obedience instructor.  He/she will be able to assess your pet and determine what class you and your pup should enroll in today.