House training a puppy is not as difficult as people first believe.  You solely need to be dedicated to helping your puppy learn this transition in a positive manner.  You need to remain calm and see your puppy through the process with lots of praise and positive reinforcement.  Here are a few tricks on how to successfully housetrain your puppy.

Keep a Feeding Schedule

When house training your puppy, keep track of the feeding schedule.  A puppy needs to use the restroom frequently and can’t hold it for long.  Thus, every time after you feed and water your pup, take your pup outside.  It will keep your puppy on track regarding when to go and where.  Your puppy will become accustomed to the location and understand that this is where the pup is expected to release waste.

Choose a Command

Your puppy will be at the stage where a command needs to be linked to the act of going to the bathroom.  This way when your puppy grows up, your canine will remember the command you choose means to go to the bathroom.  Please note, there is no specific command used for this act either.  Just select something and stay consistent with it.  You need your pup to recognize the command and utilize it accordingly.

If you need more tips on how to housetrain your puppy, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional today.  He/she will be able to help guide you through the proper ways to housetrain your puppy.  You might also want to enroll in puppy preschool classes ensuring you receive the basics before moving on with your puppy.