It seems that dog owners suffer from separation anxiety more than their actual pups.  It is tough to leave your dog at home alone.  But there are times when it is necessary.  It is part of life.  But how do you know if your canine is suffering too?  Here are some traits enabling you to pinpoint if your dog has fear of being apart from you.

Your Dog Turns Into Houdini and Escapes

Every time you leave your dog with someone else or alone, does your dog take-off and perform a magical disappearing act?  You may see evidence of your dog chewing through doors, digging under fences or clawing at the window.  If this is not normal behavior for your dog, and only occurs when you are not present, then your dog may suffer from nervousness due to you being gone.  Start taking note of this behavior.  If it persists talk to a Florida dog training professional about how to resolve this issue and keep your dog happy, even while you are gone.

Your Dog Walks the Line…Back and Forth

Does your dog leave a pacing pattern on the carpet while you are gone?  What about when you are present?  If your dog is relaxed in your presence, but turns into a pattern stepping fiend when you are gone, then your canine may be having issues.

To comprehend your dog’s actions, you need to watch your dog’s physical behavior.  If it changes when you are not around, then you need to take a closer look about how to relieve your dog from this stress.  Ask a k9 obedience instructor about what techniques to follow lessening the strain on your pup, and creating a serene state of mind for the both of you.