The use of shock collars has been a big base for debate since they were invented, but everyone has their own ideas about how to train their dog.  Shock collars obviously aren’t made to be a promotion for dog abuse, but are rather used for several key dog training purposes.

Dog Training

Shock collars are used to influence dog obedience in a slightly harsher way.  This type of shock collar can be used by setting up perimeter flags around your house, so that whenever your dog walks outside of the designated area, it will give your pet a light shock.  The shock collar is also used to discourage barking.  The way this collar works is by depicting how loud your dog is barking.  The louder the bark, the harder the shock.  If a dog has aggression issues, it is not uncommon that the owner will have a remote controlled shock collar for their dog.  This remote will shock your dog on cue, so if your dog is acting up, you have control to show them that they are out of line.

Shocking News

The electric current delivered from a shock collar is from two points on the dogs neck, and the effects depend on your type of dog, and your type of collar.  Factors that contribute to the differentiations in dog collars include the voltage of the electric current, how long the shock lasts, and also the frequency of the shock that is used.  This shock will cause discomfort, thus teaching your dog to avoid the behavior that led them to the shock.  The good thing about the bark collar and the boundary collar is that they teach your dog even when you’re away from home.  The amount of pain your dog feels will depend on the type of dog you have, their size, their skin, and their fun.  If your dog is sensitive, a shock collar probably isn’t the best way to go, but a decision to use one should be based on your personal opinions of the pros and cons of the device.

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