Dental diseases are common in dogs, especially periodontal disease, so prevention is the biggest step when you want to take care of your dogs teeth.  There are many ways to keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy, so if you want to learn a few


Giving your dog dry food instead of canned or creamy food will help prevent tooth decay.  The dry products are specifically made to scratch and cleanse your dogs teeth in order to clean them.  The canned foods may seem more appetizing to your dog, but remember that this food easily gets caught in their teeth, causing issues with their teeth and gums, so unless you want to learn how to brush your dogs teeth, we suggest you stick with dry.

Every time you go to the vet, make sure you have a professional cleaning done.  A professional cleaning will keep your dog’s teeth healthy, and doing this every once in a while will keep you updated on your dogs dental health.

Brushing Advice

If you want to brush your dogs teeth as a last resort, there are a few things you need to consider.  Never use a human toothpaste on your dog.  Our toothpaste doesn’t work the same on dogs as it does on us,an additionally,  veterinarian offices generally have a suggested toothpaste that have flavor that is more appealing to your dog than ours.  Another thing to think about is the actual brush.  You never want to use a hard bristled brush on a dog.  Unlike the toothpaste, you can use human products when it comes to tooth brushes, but make sure the bristles on the brush are soft and gentle on your dogs teeth.  Vet’s usually have toothbrushes that come along with their toothpaste, so ask next time you go in.

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